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PCB board prices will give the industry a better operating environment

In the last two months, PCB practitioners really feel depressed. Environmental protection and to the capacity of the PCB raw materials so that the number of January up, often have money to buy. Raw material prices, PCB finished but not good prices. The future will go from here, I am afraid everyone is thinking about the issue.
With the pressure of upstream raw material prices, recently PCB PCB companies have also issued a price increase notice.
August 23, Morgan Electronics PCB issued a notice of price increases, with immediate effect orders for new orders rose 15%.
August 25, Union Electronics released a 10% price increase circuit board price adjustment notice.
Sept. 6, Ke Linlin electron issued a notice, all products from September 6, the unit price increase 15%, unfinished orders are all executed according to the new unit price, and later may rise.
September 8, the sea music electronic right now, double-sided circuit board unit price increase of 10%, four-layer unit price increase of 15%. Unpaid orders were canceled, replaced by cash orders re-orders at the latest prices.
PCB board prices impact In recent years, due to serious overcapacity in the country, many companies either no business, or to rely on low profit to maintain the amount of survival. In order to benign development of enterprises, reasonable profit space is a necessary condition, PCB enterprises prices in the internal digestion and external prices to solve the problem of price increases. Further, PCB price increases this time or will promote the entire industry out of the vicious competition at low prices, to a virtuous path of development. Finally reach the PCB upstream and downstream industry chain to jointly benefit.

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