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The meaning of those letters on the PCB

Rx is the resistance, a lot of resistance in the circuit diagram, according to the serial number, R1, R2. . .

Cx is a non-polar capacitor, power input capacitance interference

IC integrated circuit module

Ux is an IC (Integrated Circuit Component)

Tx is the test point (factory test)

Spk1 is Speaker (buzzer, speaker)

Qx is a transistor

CEx -Electrolytic Capacitor, CNx-Capacitor, RNx-Exclusion, CONx-Connector, Dx-Diode, Lx-Inductor / Bead, LEDx-LED, Xx-Crystal.

RTH (Thermistor)

CY (Y capacitor: high-voltage ceramic capacitors, safety regulations)

CX (X capacitor: high-voltage film capacitors, safety regulations)

D (diode)

W regulator

K switch class

Y crystal

R117: Motherboard resistance, number 17.

T101: Transformer on the motherboard.

SW102: switch

LED101: light-emitting diode

LAMP: (indicator) light

Q104 (E, B, C): Transistor, E: Emitter, B: Base, C: Collector

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